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Donna Piccolino

Donna Piccolino depicts the female torso which is Jan Pater´s source of inspiration. She offers him the possibility to compose movement, tension and the sequence of surfaces and lines into a combination of recognition and abstraction. Anatomically impossible abscissions are logical in the sculpture; for example, something aesthetically unimportant is emphasized by a flat shape, where one would expect a round one. Anatomically incorrect proportions are consistent in the sculpture, the torso serves the sculpture.

The white statuario is Jan Pater’s favourite among the many kinds of marble. Not because it is relatively easy to work with but what makes it so special is the fact that it gives him a chance to work with lighter and darker accents. Jan Pater prefers to polish the stone lightly, because it gives the skin a warm, profound appeal. Also, it becomes transparent under a certain light, almost like a holy aureole. 

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