Catwomen flyer DLD


This sculpture, just like all her work, has an unprecedented originality. Her ironic representation of the world surrounding us has given her fame in the Dutch art world. Although each sculpture is always different and unique, her style is very recognizable. As a child she was already marvelled that people can´t transcend their own thinking. People are framed and embedded in a larger context. Many of her sculptures represent creatures that are trying to escape from it and their own short-sightedness.

Hermien gets her inspiration from her surroundings. "The idea that we may have little choice has, I think, created the compassion and wink to life: people are allowed to be, in all their oddities, their minor shortcomings and in their" little grandeur” - as they are. It makes them nice and exciting, it's the irony in life, the real laugh is the laugh with a tear. "

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