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Meteorite Blue - Meteorites series

Meteorites series is a series of four glass blown artworks made by David Beliën. When David worked in ┼Żelezny Brod, The Czech Republic, not only did he learn the craft, but experienced it is a way of life. Making glass is to be in equilibrium with the fire and the other three elements. Glassmaking derived from alchemy and only then if the glass is not mastering the glassmaker it is possible to control it.

Working with temperatures of 1150 degrees Celsius we turn sand into glass. This is working with the earth's core elements and heat. If you work to slow it will fail, if you work too quick, it will fail.....Everything has to be in balance. Work quickly, but without haste, is the equilibrium the glassmaker is looking for and as a result his whole life will become like this. In the Czech Republic David visited many hot shops. He experienced the tranquillity in which these people were working in silence, totally focussed on what they were doing. As if breathing was put into motion into creation.

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