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Café de Omval series - Omval II

The Café de Omval series comprises two paintings, "Omval I" and "Omval II". The paintings show both sides of ‘Café De Omval’, remains of an old industrial building on the former peninsula the Omval on the river Amstel. This neighbourhood continues to be a well-remembered location in the mental map of many inhabitants. In earlier days this area was frequently visited and sketched by Rembrandt van Rijn and later De Omval became famous because of the programmes broadcasted here, just opposite the Bijlmer prison. Nowadays the area is being redeveloped for housing and overlooked by the Rembrandt tower, the highest building in Amsterdam. 

Wim Snelders’s paintings are loosely painted in strong compositions which allow the eye of the viewer for cohesion and fluid transitions. At the same time, these compositions accidentally include figurative aspects, in other words informal loose elements in a formal space.

Omval I and three details 

Omval II and three details

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