Fish Market 60 x 80 cm

Fish Market - Impressions of Indonesia

Impressions of Indonesia is a series of eight paintings made by Hetty Ansing. She immersed herself in the art of the aquarel (watercolor).  She adopted several techniques and developed a style reminiscent of the paintings called 'fine-painting-art'. This turned out to be a success formula that particularly appeals to her clients and made her style clear and recognizable.
In 1995 an Indonesian businessman and art collector recognized in her style and presentation something unique, a similarity with the work of 'the old masters' who have contributed to the artistic imaging of Indonesia in the years 1920 – 1940. After several commissioned paintings he invited her to come to Indonesia to get acquainted with the real Indonesian atmosphere. The country, the people, the beautiful colors and the great cultural diversity, it all fascinated her. Indonesia became her second love.

Hetty Ansing is lucky that she loves people and has the ability to display them on this fascinating way.  She took on a unique challenge and her talent resulted in atmospheric paintings that radiate emotion, beauty and involvement.  Her paintings are sold and shown in many places in the world. 

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