Melody main


Acrylic and mediums on heavy linen
Dimensions: 160 x 130 cm

The large paintings (larger than 120 x 120 cm) of Susan Ruiter are exclusively distributed by Dutch Luxury Design.

From grey to colour, from heavy to enlightenment and from uncertainty to self-confidence. Susan’s work is full of details, colourful and dimensional for interpretation.

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Detail 1 of Melody

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Detail 2 of Melody

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Detail 3 of Melody



Susan website

Susan Ruiter, born on november 6, 1969 in 's-Gravenhage, taught herself at a very young age, that creative thinking is the basis for discovery. Curious by nature, as a child, Susan was already working on inventing manual work for garments and converting her fantasies in spectacular drawings and crafts work.
The existing interest in art came to development from the moment Susan Ruiter followed several courses in combination with lessons at the University. Workshops by renowned artists, have contributed to the start of her own career. The eagerness of Susan Ruiter translated itself in the participation of many different lessons. As an autodidact and her perseverance contributed to her development as an visual artist.
Meanwhile, Susan Ruiter is an established name within the world of Visual Artists. She has exhibited dozens of times in the last 18 years and her work is available at several galleries in the Netherlands and abroad. The work of Susan Ruiter gives soul to a room, inspires, motivates and creates a pleasant environment.

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