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Time and Space series - The new road

Marcel van Hoef’s paintings illuminate the everyday public space as if it were a decor. The squares, parks, gardens, passages and interiors that Marcel has been painting are stilled, enigmatic and inspired. In a sunny exposure, with a lot of focus on shadows as a symbolic element of time, Marcel shows in his work a window on our current world as he experiences it. In his experience the everyday environment of the Western city-landscape evokes desire and is therefore romantic in nature. 

The two magic realistic paintings by Marcel van Hoef, “The new road” and “The thought of a breeze” depict tranquil urban landscapes bathed in sunlight. One painting shows a park and the other a square. The viewer is drawn into the scene by a refined composition. The perspective display of space and the play of light and shadow lead the eye to an infinite distance, as a viewer you have the room for you alone, human figure is absent in the pictures, you look at a timeless moment when everything is quiet. The painted display of glass screens in the foreground act like a veil, they evoke a feeling of distance. The existing decorations in these screens are alienating. They bring up thoughts that distract from the here and now.

The new road and three details 

The thought of a breeze and three details

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