Wadi Rum  Indiaas rag paper. Pastel bister en houtskool. 70 x 100 cm ezine 
Wadi Rum

Wadi Rum depicts a merciless landscape where life and death are one. A landscape of extremes. Faded pastel colours in the midday heat. Intense glowing colours when night falls. Alma´s paintings are the result of gradual processes of absorption, of landscapes that touch her, with their beauty, their fragility, their untamed quality. A grand landscape often bears signs of human presence – a hut, a path, a section of earth that has been shaped, a garden. Traces of a temporary presence, part of a journey. To me, says Alma , travelling the Wadi Rum Desert was a humblifying expirience. In the end, we, humans are just passers- by. When we are long gone, the landscape remains. Enough for itself.

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