International promotion and marketing

Dutch Luxury Design represents a selection of the best Dutch artists to whom we offer services to promote and market their products internationally.

Dutch Luxury Design provides promotion and marketing opportunities

Basic services:

  • Productselection and -positioning
  • Online productpresentation
  • Email campaigns
  • Promotion and saleshandling
  • Export; orderhandling, payments and logistics

Additional services

  • Flyers and brochures in print
  • Advertising in e-mail campaigns
  • Participation in Luxury events and tradeshows
  • Advertising in Luxury Magazines
  • Exclusive Businessdevelopment & -management.

Participation will give you several advantages:

  • International expansion and export opportunities to the most exclusive market segments
  • A Dutch business partner, so no inconvenience with international tax
  • Exclusive international product positioning
  • Strengthening of new product launches
  • No product reservations
  • Easy distribution
  • Higher product margins.

Ask for our summary and conditions of our services:
Ruud van der Splinter
CEO Dutch Luxury Design
T: 0031202060830.

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