La marche des moines - L´Homme series

The discovery of the works of Giacometti was fundamental and revealing for Catherine Villa, especially when he created L’Homme qui Marche (The Walking Man), a sculpture showing a being in motion whose body is stretched to the extreme and whose massive feet give the impression of holding the body back and nailing it to the ground. Her work last and time stands still. When looking at these miraculously emerged beings, we also stand still. The image which appears in the light is of ourselves. Where do we come from? The artist seems to be asking. What roots do we have and what legacy can we leave?

Catherine literally integrates us to the work, she sends us back to our origins, to our condition, showing our fragility together with our hopes. Her characters are always the same as in real life, always in question, always waiting.They are the protagonists of their own life-stories.

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