Light Tomorrow with Today

Artist: Yulia Muravyeva
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Transport weight: 36kg
Dimensions: 0cm x 100cm x 120cm

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Painting made of acryl on canvas
Sizes: 100 x 120 cm

Colours, shapes and textures have always worked as a magnet for Yulia. Yoga and painting go together in her life; it gives light,air and brightness to Yulia´s work.
For Light tomorrow with today, Yulia used a lot of bright colours. The beauty of nature and the colours found in nature, constitute the main source of inspiration. This beauty combined with her own imagination she applies with acrylic on canvases in the form of floral landscapes. The flowers are almost palpable by the strong contrast and relief in the canvases. The work of Yulia is like a statement: "The world is beautiful".

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