What we do

Dutch Luxury Design represents a selection of the best Dutch artists to whom we provide international promotion and marketing.

We work worldwide, exclusive with professionals in the luxury industry, like for instance: interior-designers, architects, gallery owners and other specialized intermediaries. We offer these professionals Dutch art and art consultancy.

Dutch Luxury Design is supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands. Our headoffice is in Amsterdam.

People who like to buy unique Dutch art and designer products are invited to contact us for the contactdetails of our partner in their region.

Professionals in the luxury industry who are interested in selling Dutch Art and luxury designer products are invited to contact us for further information.

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Good reasons to do business with Dutch Luxury Design:

1. International Network
2. One businesspartner
3. Exclusive productselections; 'good-buys'
4. Varied portfolio; 'little-known treasures'
5. Exciting new works
6. Expanded portfolio
7. Processing of orders and logistics.


Ruud van der Splinter
CEO Dutch Luxury Design

T: 0031202060830.