We are an International Art agency.

Dutch Luxury Design was founded in 2013 in the Netherlands by Ruud van der Splinter, inspired by a business development project for design lighting. It started as a passion to personally guiding various Dutch artists on the international art market and organizing exhibitions for the sale of their works of art in collaboration with galleries.

In recent years, the art market has undergone significant changes, allowing us to delve deeper into discovering and enjoying art. We now work alongside Dutch artists with artists from other countries and, in addition to marketing and selling art, we offer art consultancy and art-related services to private collectors, corporate clients, interior designers, architects and managers of public places. To add quality to a variety of different projects and private homes

Our mission
It´s our mission to find the most original art pieces; paintings, photography, sculptures, jewelry and interior objects and bring them to the attention of an art-loving audience. We remain true to our course and select works of art to experience happiness and inspiration to enrich your living environment and give it a new distinctive meaning.

It´s all about objects that brighten your world.

The essence of our mission is about authenticity, collaboration, creativity, trust and craftsmanship with a serious ambition for business growth and expansion. Dutch Luxury Design wants to be valuable for all concerned, for now, and for the long term, with a sound business approach, in which each participant enjoys growth and quality.

  • To make it possible for artists to reach potential customers worldwide
  • To support professional interior specialists with art consultancy and services.

Our collection
At Dutch Luxury Design you will find a changing collection of many unique artpieces; paintings, sculptures, jewelry and interior objects from a large number of successful artists. You can view our collection easily and quickly in our online gallery.

Our services
We offer artists marketing and a way of selling their art on the international market. In addition to serving the artists, we offer interior design professionals, collectors and companies added value in the form of art consultancy and services.

Dutch Luxury Design is supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands. Our head office is in Amsterdam.

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