The power of colour and myths

Hans Vanhorck is working on his new project: The power of colour and myths. The essence of this project is education about the use of colour and myths. The project consists of different large exhibitions of eight major works that portray the founding stories of all continents. The exhibitions will take place in: the museum Jan van der Togt in Amstelveen, the musuem Henriette Polak in Zutphen and the oudheidkundig museum in Leiden, among others. Hans is making forty paintings with subject myths and stories for this project that explain the meaning of colour. This project includes a hardcover book with photos and stories of the paintings that will be published and also supports a charity.

To support this project Hans will sell some of the paintings beforehand at a reduced price. The buyers of these paintings are participants in this project and can sell their bought painting at one of the exhibitions for the normal salesprice. Secondly every participant will be mentioned in the hardcover book as sponsor of this project and receive five signed copies. For each participant Hans will make a small painting of 30 x 30 cm which will be auctioned for charity on behalf of this participant. And, of course, each participant will be invited to the exhibitions. 

If you are interested in supporting this project, please contact us.

Below you can see more about some of the paintings and the explanation of the use of colours. 

Mahabharata: 160 x 160 cm

mahabharata  160x160 cm main

Blue as a double source

In the essence of the culture and the soul of different people gleams an absolute correlation between survival and thinking, between mind and ordered universe, between a blue ocean and a blue sky, between formless vitality and channeling intellect, between bright thoughts that set limits and create form on the one hand, and the blue substance which gives meaning on the other hand.

Shambala: 130 x 150 cm

shambala  130x150 main

Red of extremes

Red is a colour of extremes such as love and hate, sacrifice and selfishness, erotic passion and bloodlust. It is all about positive and negative feelings that are far apart and that are, almost without exception, fierce and strong. Civilizations of the past show us the face of the "red source" where the vitality of all people originate from.

Pan Gu: 110 x 100 cm

pan gu  110x100 main

The source of light and life

Since the beginning of existence there is a single power that rules and makes all life on earth possible. It is the sun to which plants, animals and humans focus on. Pink or smoldering orange at its dawn, like a ball of red-hot iron. Or with the colour of blood at the time of sunset, but at the height of his power: yellow. The sun is a shimmering circle of liquid gold, life-giving but dangerous and formidable at the same time.

Sublimatio: 120 x 120 cm

sublimatio  120x120 cm main

Black / White as beginning and end

The world unfolds from her black and white principle; it grows and develops like a multicoloured tree extending its branches in all directions. Then the whole reality folds back together again, this time like the petals of a flower at nightfall. The cosmos itself is like a revolving cycle of birth, growth and decay to return "home" each time to start over again.

The absolute zero of everything is the moment when it originates. Who tries to understand this and to get to the bottom of it, learns that this goes far beyond his strength. He is forced to resort to a story, to speaking in parables and pictorial representations. The explanation of the beginning of all things has always been the exclusive domain of religion. The primal narration is about the act of creation by God. It is a mythological first page of the book of the entire reality from the intersection of all lines fanning out in an inexhaustible wealth, colorific splendor and multiplicity. The zero point is the core, the essence, and includes everything in its still unblossomed form. Just like a chestnut embodying a large tree that will grow. When that tree finally blossoms and produces seeds we have returned to the point where the whole cycle began. 

left: (titel)
right: Yggdrassill  160 x 200 cm

The first light and the last darkness

The contrast between light and dark, white and black precedes everything that arises in the cosmos. You cannot distinguish one without the other. Mystici, philosophers, religious people and artists, who are more closely related to one another than one might think, take this very seriously. All colours lie between the contrast of black and white. While gold was seen as the representation of all colours together.



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Hans Vanhorck studied at the Academy for Industrial Design Eindhoven, but what’s more important is that he has natural talent to make what he wants. From being a figurative painter he became an abstract painter and has been following an own way that made it possible to be able to add remarkable qualities to his painting.
Abundant use of color, spatial effect and balance in shape and color, are typical aspects of the work of Hans Vanhorck. The coloring is characterized by bright colors, which appears edited and tempered doing to the color sense of the painter. Through his technique of layered painting, the colors achieve their strong appearance. The contrast effect in the paintings gives a spatial effect that is similar to the perspectives that can be found in the traditional painted landscapes.

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