''Choose your gemstone with Jan-Carel Koster''

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Are you looking for an extra impulse of nature in your interior?
Jan-Carel is a Dutch sculptor and capable of translating your story or theme into a unique sculpture. 
His working method is unique. Jan-Carel always knows how to make a design that fits your story. We offer the possibility to choose your very own unique stone in the quarries of Namibia and Northern Cape.

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These quarries are normally closed to the public which is one of the main reasons why it is genuinely worth choosing your gemstone with Jan-Carel. The unique and personal design of the sculpture can be discussed with the sculptor in advance, so your story will be depicted in your own chosen gemstone.

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A gemstone of your choice as an extra addition to your interior. These special stones in a diversity of sizes and colours can be signed and delivered with a certificate by sculptor Jan-Carel Koster. In this way, your interior gets an extra impulse of nature which combines human craftsmanship in a design sculpture made by nature and man.

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All the sources of Quartz, Jasper, Amethyst and many other gemstones occur in the Namaqua Belt; a vast area of changing landscapes. From harsh semi desert mountains, through which the Orange River cuts it’s way to the sea, to sweeping grasslands which are located south of the Kalahari desert.

Red Jasper

This special gemstone is found in the Kalahari Desert in Namibia. It is Red Jasper and one of the biggest gemstones in the World. It is 3.5 meters high and weighs approximately 13.000 kg. Red Jasper is a gemstone created 66 million years ago in the Kalahari Basin from iron rich silicified clays.
The gemstone is quarried using large excavators to remove the material, which is broken up using expansion technology. Blasting is never used as it shatters the material.

The Red Jasper gemstone is one of the twelve stones set in the High Priest of Israel’s breastplate and it was said to remove worry and fear and give strength to the wearer.

Golden Matrix

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Composed of Tiger-eye, Jasper and Hematite, this beautiful sedimentary rock was formed more than 2 billion years ago in an area north of the Orange River in South Africa.

Historically Tiger Eye has been used in protective medicine. Roman soldiers would wear engraved stones during battle, it was considered especially helpful against dark magic, and was said to bring wealth and prosperity to the wearer.


This unique stone is mined in the Zebra Mountains on the banks of the Kunene River in the very north of Namibia. This beautiful sodium rich gemstone is said to reduce stress in the wearer and create balance in the home.


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This unique stone is mined in Madagascar and originally discovered in Labrador, Canada. This flashing iridescent gemstone is part of an Eskimo legend; it is believed that the Northern Lights were once imprisoned in the rocks along the coast of Labrador. It is told that a wandering Eskimo warrior found them and was able to free most of the lights with a mighty blow of his spear. Some of the lights were still trapped within the stone, and thus we have today the beautiful gemstone known as Labradorite. 

Petrified wood
Petrified wood (from the Greek root petro meaning "rock" or "stone"; literally "wood turned into stone") is the name given to a special type of fossilized remains of giant trees that grew on the super continent of Pangea, about 200 million years ago.  

These beautiful polished slabs are a slice of ancient history recovered from an era when these giant trees sheltered roaming dinosaurs.

Indigo Gabbro

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This unique gemstone was formed during the Cretaceous period, which began 145 million years ago and ended 66 million years ago. Madagascar was still part of the Gondwanaland Craton and separated from Africa during this period.


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Together with Jan-Carel you can take a look in the Kalahari desert to search for your own personal gemstone. Everything is possible. You can select this for decoration as it is, or Jan-Carel can make your unique, tailor made sculpture. 


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Jan-Carel, one of the few sculptors in the world who makes gemstone sculptures, seeks with its distinctive abstract and organic objects to create a bridge between nature, science and craftsmanship, with references to both the physical and psychological environment and experience.

For him, multidimensional work, is creating 3D sculptures with a fourth dimension. This fourth element he ads is the time(spacetime). This (basically for us humans, not observable) dimension he tries to emphasize. Within his work he always tries to refer to past, present and future and society to show and feel that everything and everyone continues evolve. He self, sees this as a constant wave of energy that flows continuously through the society, an eternal force that takes care of the evolution.

His work is also exhibited in Zuid-Korea; Heageumgang Theme Museum te Geoje.



Jan-Carel aims through its work to find an answer to the question: “how nature has influenced the arise of the human being. And how we find it back nowadays?”. The question alone indicates the quest of Jan-Carel in connecting the earthly man with the ancient cosmic influences here on Earth.

If you want to know more about these Gemstones with Jan-Carel Koster, contact us.