Animal World by Tineke


Tineke Thielemans started following some courses and worked on general training as an artist, she firstly started working with all sorts of stones, wax and clay, eventually she choose to work with bronze. Bronze fitted with her style of working and what she wanted to express with her sculptures, although she doesn’t exclude other materials. She is mainly self-educated, but to master the techniques of working with certain materials she worked with: Peter Krijnen in Wageningen, Holland, Gé Berns and Wil Fortuyn in Ede, Holland. Since 1987 she has been working as an artist and since 1996 she has expositions of her work.

If you look at Tineke´s work, you see a different, special world. Fragile and delicate, but with a smile. Tineke zooms in on the human aspects that she translates into sculptures by using animals combined with parts of the human body. She uses animals that fascinate her, to portray characters and behaviour. For example, snakes, because she finds them mysterious, ruthless and powerful. Cats are characterful and quirky, mice are funny and perky as well as smart and fast. She gives features to the animals that they may not even possess but Tineke sees that in them. With combining the human and animal elements she makes her work surprising, humorous and sometimes fascinating and touching.

Life is a game 

Life is a game 90 cm main

Bronze sculpture
Sizes: 90 x 65 cm

Love is in the air

Love main

Bronze sculpture
Sizes: 76 x 17 x 7cm

The things animals do does not differ very much in essence from what humans do. This is something that fascinates Tineke Thielemans and so she regularly shows this in her work. Tineke´s sculpture 'Love is in the air' shows how close the worlds of people and animals are. She finds Geckos amazing animals, she encountered a lot of them during her travels in Asia. Tineke´s geckos have a human touch, their fingers have nails. One of these geckos is in love and shows that clearly. In nature, the males do their utmost to charm the females, which often produces delicate scenes.

Waiting for the barbarians

2Waiting for the barbarians main

Bronze sculpture
Sizes: 55 x 33 cm

Once in a lifetime

1.Once in a lifetime main

Bronze sculpture
Sizes: 50 x 28 cm

What´s in the air

Whats in the air main

Bronze sculpture
Sizes: 110 x 40 cm

Wishful Thinking

Wishful Thinking main

Wishful Thinking shows two worlds; one of them is a world we all desire, represented by the perfect apple and the other world is damaged and corrupted, represented by the apple with the swarming snakes. The female legs walk from the damaged world to the perfect world. With combining the human and animal elements she makes her work surprising, humorous, fascinating and touching.

Bronze sculpture
Sizes: 95 x 60 cm

Left to right: Child´s World, Eve´s Footsteps

Child´s World is a bronze sculpture of 55 cm
Eve´s Footsteps is a bronze sculpture of 26 x 35 x 17 cm

The Battle

The Battle main

Bronze sculpture
Sizes: 40 x 50 x 32 cm

That´s Life

Thats Life main

Bronze sculpture
Sizes: 200 x 55 cm

Gekko Style

Gekko Style main

Bronze sculpture
Sizes: 29 cm

This is just the way they are

This is just the way they are

Bronze sculpture
Size: 55 cm

Public Award 2011 "Kunst trifft Kohl" in Münster, Germany
Whether tales of animals or from the Bible: full of ironic clues the symbolic pictures question the obvious explanation. Worm or snake is for the bird, the work is undecided yet. Without final solution, the viewer is free to find his own meaning. Tineke Thielemans artworks were in exhibition at the gardens of the Kinderhauser Kleingartenanlage, Representing the judging cooperation of this award, the curators of “Kunst trifft Kohl- Kinderhauser Skulpturenpreis 2011” congratulate the artist on winning that year´s public award.




Tineke profile 

Tineke Thielemans is a Dutch artist who was born in Velsen-Noord and later moved to Utrecht, Holland. She studied at the Pedagogical Academy in Amersfoort, Holland and after working for 10 years in education, she started learning more about working as an artist.
Tineke is member of BOK (Professional Organisation of Artists) and has won the public award 2011 Kunst trifft Kohl in Münster, Germany. 
Expositions: Arnhem, Delft, Leeuwarden, Haarlem, Laren, Amsterdam, Utrecht, Eindhoven, Den Haag and Goude in Holland, Paris, France and Münster in Germany.

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